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Cutting Gel

Dissolves Body Surface Fat

cutting gel



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Cutting Gel is a patented, transdermal gel that penetrates deep into the skin to help mobilize stubborn body fat on contact.

Cutting Gel is a clinically proven, penetrating gel that dissolves surface body fat wherever applied. Cutting Gel is finally available throughout the United States in it's full undiluted strength.

Cutting Gel is designed to work directly on your abs, thighs, glutes, or anywhere else you rub Cutting Gel in.

Cutting gel's patented, transdermal gel has been specifically formulated to reduce stubborn, excess body fat on contact.

Just apply Cutting Gel directly to any resistant pocket of surface body fat (the fat around your abs, thighs, hips, or buttocks) and Cutting Gel's transdermal formulation penetrates the skin, helping to mobilize stored fat and leave only lean, sexy curves behind.

Cutting Gel reduces surface fat and exposes the toned muscle beneath.

You apply Cutting Gel topically, directly to the specific area that requires extra definition. Cutting Gel penetrates the skin and immediately goes to work, flattening overbloated fat cells by forcing them to release trapped fat into the bloodstream to be burned as energy.